- Flight Crew like You

Flight Crew like You

Chris Manno has been flying for American Airlines since 1985 and has been a captain since 1991. He contributed to "Good Landing" and has now published his own book with flight crew reflections. His cartoons can be found in many places, his website, Facebook and training manuals of several large airlines. It is a funny little book with 74 pages of fun and it can be ordered here for a very friendly price !

Take a look behind the scenes at every airline with this sly, irreverent cartoon collection. Drawn by a line pilot from firsthand experience, these "no-holds-barred" cartoons are the unvarnished reality of airline life, tracing the ups and downs--literally--of the flight crew experience: the challenges, the bizarre, the fun and the drudge, all from an insider's viewpoint. If you've traveled by air or worked as a flight crew member (or plan to)--you MUST have this book! "Wicked funny--and so true!" --12 year flight attendant "Hilarious--a peek behind the galley curtain and cockpit door." --Frequent Flyer. "These are priceless! Great collection!" --21 year airline pilot

Book is friendly priced and a low worldwide postage charge.


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