Rabhea Roth

Cartoons from Rabhea can be found in:
-Please wait to be seated

some examples

Rabhea Roth, Germany, paints since she was young. After Academy of Arts in Mannheim, where she started with nude painting and acrylic, she did sculpture arts and architectural drawing. She now paints in her own studio.
website: www.rabhea.rks-web.de

Jochen Wegerich, Germany, creates the aviation ideas for Rabhea Roth. He has an air conditioning company and a frozen ATPL as he wants to become an airline pilot. But no experience, high age and no job yet…


     Rabhea Roth                                                                             Jochen Wegerich

Rabhea Roth:

Born in 1973, she started painting in her youth. At the academy of arts in Mannheim, she got in touch with nude painting and acrylic painting. Via sculpture arts, architectural drawing and oversized Comic heroes, she got to make paintings to order in her own studio. 

website : www.rabhea.rks-web.de


Jochen Wegerich:

Born 1971 and a Master in airconditioning and refrigeration. Since 1994 Entrepreneur. He always wanted to become an Airliner Pilot. In 2008 a "self made" frozen ATPL and in 2010 Boeing737NG Rating. Non experienced, high aged and aviation-job-less but still humor in the brain.

Job offers are welcome…